• To be tax efficient
  • To be cost effective
  • To provide you with exceptional turnaround time, ease of doing business and value

Our Structures

  • Each onshore jurisdiction has a chosen, best in class, offshore jurisdiction used by experienced investors
  • Each onshore jurisdiction has its own tax laws and often each have structures favoured by investors. These Structures are often not Shariah compliant but we can incorporate efficient structures so as to be Shariah compliant as required

Our Scope

  • International – UK, USA, France, Germany and Australia
  • Real Estate – core, core plus and opportunistic

Our Business

We will prepare a bespoke structure for you. It will:

  • Describe cash inflows and outflows
  • Identify the parties and their roles

We will assist you in the choice and appointment of service providers.

We will:

  • Check their pricing and scope of work
  • Ensure they are properly instructed and work to your timescale

Our Advantages

  • Use approved structures further down the chain to ensure tax advantages
  • We are familiar with and have established many Islamic compliant structures. Where this is required we use Shariah structures at the top level to ensure compliance with Islamic law